About STSP

The Senior Tamils Society of Peel was established as a result of the vision and the passion of 77 seniors who held a preliminary meeting among the Tamil seniors in Mississauga on April 24th 1999 followed by the first inaugural meeting on May 24th 1999 at Yarl Co op building in Mississauga. A constitution was drafted and adapted at the meeting held on March 15th 2000 and the society was registered as a Not-For Profit Organisation (Regd#1406004) Over the past 15 years our member ship had grown slowly and steadily and are proud to announce that the membership on roll is around 1000 and active paid up members 300 at present including the associate members in the age group of 35-50. In order to meet the increasing challenges from the seniors our activities and programmes have expanded and our constitution have undergone many changes which resulted in drafting a well defined constitution and approved at the special meeting held on 30th January2010. Mission: Our mission is to serve the needs of the Tamil seniors living in the region of Peel in the fields of Health, Education, Social, Housing, Disability etc through surveys, plan and execute projects and programmes to fulfil their needs. Our activities include Seminars, Workshops, literacy forums, Basic computer training, Yoga, Volunteer Training with the assistance of professionals in respective fields. Working with similar ethnic organisations in conducting programs that provide for the smooth integration and adaptation to the Canadian way of life. Organising Trips in Canada and outside of Canada as means of reducing Isolation among our senior members.

Annual events

It must be placed on record that our Annual Walk- A-Thon is the biggest fund Raiser and we have donated more than $100000/- to the hospitals in Mississauga and Brampton since 2003. We salute our members for their dedication and tireless effort in this great mission. The Release of our annual magazine is a window of opportunity for our members to exhibit their talent, Knowledge and experience in writing, Poetry, Short stories etc and had won the admiration of the members in the community. Grants: Our Society was fortunate in obtaining grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the New Horizon for Seniors programs in the past. A three year multi grant for $139200/-was approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2005 and another grant for $24315/- from the New horizon for Seniors Program. In 2013 a grant for $24812/- was approved by the New Horizon for Seniors program for Expanding awareness on Elder Abuse for a period of one year. This project had been successfully completed. At present a Project is under way for Indoor Sports and Recreation which is a three year multi grant for $103500/- (Approx). Our Seniors are rich in talent and knowledge and we had built on this asset to execute our Projects successfully.

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